What the Travel Writers say


The River Barrow remains untrafficked and old fashioned, a secret back-door passage through the Irish heartland for a motorised Huck Finnegan.”
Tom Huth, USA  Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.

“The Barrow river is not a navigation for the faint-hearted, but (and in part due to this) it is not to be missed.”
Harry Arnold UK Canal and Riverboat Magazine.

-” The holiday was a great success and out of it came the idea for the book. I suppose we all know the Shannon is there and we’ve heard you can hire boats on it. Many of us pass over the Grand Canal in Dublin but don’t pass a thought about where it leads.  It is a part of Ireland unexplored and unknown to most of us. But it is becoming an addiction for some from at home and abroad.”

Kevin Dwyer, is a Cork based Photographer, and author of, ” Ireland, the Inner Island. A journey through Ireland’s Inland Waterways”