About us

The company was set up by Karin Klinkenbergh and Michael Hoey who got their inspiration from an Irish T.V. Documentary Series about taking an original Barge, ‘45M’, laden with a cargo of beer and bricks along the Grand Canal, from Dublin to Limerick. They both wanted to re-capture the unique way of life that travelling by barge portrayed and offer this experience to others…hence Canalways was ‘born’.  And from very humble beginnings it has grown to attract people from far-flung corners of the world; Alexander in New Zealand, Harjavalta in Finland, Seattle in North America…all coming to enjoy life drifting along Ireland’s Inland Waterways.   ( Read our Guests Logs )  Later Karin discovered that her paternal Great Grandparents owned a Barge company in Doordrecht, Holland, so she has Canal Water in her blood.
There is something special about Canal Water, as the famous Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh eulogised in his poem “Lines Written On A Seat On The Grand Canal”. Read it here (www.tcd.ie/english/patrickkavanagh/lineswrittenonaseat.html)

We Also recommend,  for all those who enjoy boat journeys on the inland waterways, reading
“Three Men In A Boat” by Jerome K. Jerome..       Looking forward to welcome you on board.